Articles and Reference

Free Software and News

  • Slashdot - for all the latest news on free software and technology and "stuff that matters".
  • Groklaw - the definitive site for those with in an interest in the SCO/IBM case and the legal implications of free software in general.
  • The Daily WTF - great fun, a site where programmers submit terrible code and techniques.



  • - Award winning photographer and international nice guy.

Software I Use

  • Debian - My Linux distribution of choice.
  • LyX - What-You-See-Is-What-You-Mean and the best editor for technical and scientific docs around.
  • Mutt - The best email reader in the world (threaded views, GPG/PGP integration, everything is configurable).
  • Vim - the cleanest, simplest way to edit code. Excellent with exuberant ctags.



Free Software