GNOME3 Mail/Calendar Notifications

I upgraded to Debian Wheezy this week, and for the first time in many years decided to see what the default desktop looked like. After all the negative things I've read about GNOME3, I think it's great - it fitted right into the way I've already used my desktop for years and it looks fantastic!

The only thing I didn't find so great was that there are no decent mail checker/notifier applets I could find. The only ones in the Debian tree seemed to be intended for GNOME2 and rather clunky.

Worse, I like to use the traditional UNIX command line calendar and there's no integration at all for that.

I put together two scripts. and The first will check maildir and IMAP mailboxes and produce GNOME3 notifications. The second will output your UNIX calendar as a notification each day. Once you've edited and put info on your mailboxes at the top of the file, add it to the GNOME autostart (run "gnome-session-properties" to do it with the UI, or create a desktop file in $HOME/.config/autostart)

Requires Python and python-notify





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