MVPMC is a free software replacement for the Hauppage MediaMVP box. Instead of shunting all the work to the server end, it has a local GUI and clients for many kinds of servers (NFS, SMB, SlimServer, MythTV, ReplayTV, VLC) - it's a superb piece of work.

Most of what I watch is DivX (or otherwise not MPEG2, which it can't handle natively), so I use MVPMC's ability to play live VLC streams to watch these files.

MVPMC 0.3.1 didn't support pausing or seeking in live streams, so I added this functionality and passed the changes back to the mvpmc guys.

I've also added support for:

  • Pause/resume on VLC streams
  • The remote buttons 0-9 will seek in the stream (eg: pressing 9 goes to 90% of the stream).
  • Use of the SKIP and REPLAY buttons on the remote will skip 30 seconds forwards or 10 seconds backwards in the stream for commercial skipping
  • Up, down, ffwd, rewind, left and right seek 2% and 5% appropriately in the stream.
  • The blank and Ok buttons will bring up the OSD and track your position in the stream
  • The record button will resync the video thread if the sound sync wanders
  • Added .ogm, .rm and .mp4 to the list of streamable files with VLC.
  • OSD during seek/pause and implementation of stream interrogation so mvpmc can show you your position in the stream
  • Subtitle overlay support into transcoded streams so subtitles are visible on the mvp
  • UI/CLI options to choose transcoding presets (adjusting for NTSC/PAL and tv aspect) and manually set audio/video bitrates.

My changes were accepted into the main mvpmc codebase and available as part of the daily mvpmc builds from 3rd November, 2006. They were released officially as part of 0.3.2, which you can download from the mvpmc page.

Since then, I've taken over as maintainer of the VLC integration code in the mvpmc project.

If you're looking for help with getting VLC working with mvpmc, go to the mvpmc vlc wiki or my vlc settings page. You can get my latest binaries for testing from my page on the mvpmc project server.



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