Linux/Bluez devices can't pair

August, 2006

Symptom: When trying to pair, you are prompted for a PIN on the pairing device, but not on the computer. Pairing subsequently fails.

Problem: You've probably upgraded from an earlier bluez and the hcid.conf file has changed.

Fix: The simplest way to ensure pairing is to edit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf and make sure that your security is set to "auto". If you don't have one in the file, make sure you have a "passkey PIN;" line. Like this:

        security auto;
	passkey "1234";

This will ensure that the computer will always send 1234 as the PIN (make sure you enter this on the pairing device).

You can force a pairing by first running:

hcitool scan

To get the BDADDR of your phone (the colon separated hex number uniquely identifying your handset - make sure it's discoverable!), and then running:

hcitool cc $BDADDR
hcitool auth $BDADDR




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